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November 24, 2013
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chibi Canada x France hetaloid x child reader part 1

my friends and brothers grin pulling out a smaller box, two hetaloids?? sweet!
"now [Name] me andthe others are going on a buisness trip, we'll be gone 3 months...give this letter to the older one and behave ok?" he kisses my head, I smile.
"promise Charlie" I smile as they leave, opening the bigger box I stare slack jawed.
"France?" I amile a little and take the guide.
"ok...lets do this" grinning I start talking.
"1) bonjour la France peut vous s'il vous plaît réveiller je tiens à vous parler~" I saw his eyes open, I loved the blue in them, he got a small smile on his face, took my hand and kissed it.
"2) bonjour fleur, quel beau sourire que vous avez" I blushed bright red and hand him the note.
"oh, under stood best open the second box (3)enfant" I blink, child...ok lets see who's in the box.

opening the box I smile softly, he was so small.
"I think I'll go get some pancakes" I stand and go get the pancakes, I go to the kitchen to see France standing there a look of parental leader ship.
"you are not to cook, tell me what you need, I'll make it for you and the new hetaloid" I pout.
"but I-" he glares at me and wags his finger
"4) non! pas de cuisson" I pout nodding.
"fine, I need pancakes" he nods, pushing me into the front room.

*ten minutes later*

he re-enters the room with 2 plates of pancakes, giveing me one he smiles.
"that's for the other one, go wake him up" I nod going over I hold it out to the small chibi.
"5) Canada? souhaitez-vous des crêpes?" I ask softly, his eyes open wide and he nods, handing him the small playe I smile.
"there you go little guy" I stand, turning I see France holding the second plate out to me.
"eat up~" I chuckle eating with Canada when I feel strange, swaying slightly I see the note from my brothers on the table it read in big bold letters 'use the small blue bottle labled regression in some food, she is easier to look after' I stare as I start to shrink.
"no not fair! France! dats not faiiir" my voice started to get higher and my lisp started to come back.

after a good 10 minutes I sat in over sized clothes, age 4, the same age as chibi Canada.
"it is bath time non?" I blush looking down.
"nat fair!" I pout as he picks me and chibi Canada up.
this is so not fair!

1) hello France may you please wake up I wish to speak to you~
2) hello flower, what a beautiful smile you have
3) child
4) no! no cooking!
5) canada would you like some pancakes?
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how old is the reader at first?
Le wut? I'm a kid again? Well that sucks -.-
wat chu laughing at? *tugs on my pigtails n covers my face*
*I giggle picking you up*
-.- chur having fun, aren't chu? 
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