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Submitted on
July 23, 2013
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Papa 2p America x Terrified Bullied Child reader
[Name] - Your name [E/C] - Eye colour [H/L] - Hair length [H/C] - Hair colour
~...~ - thoughts
request for SpiceNPasta
[3rd person's pov]
a small girl the age of 5 ran from a group of kids she was [full name] child of Al.F.Jones, the most bad ass guy in town, but his daughter was a terrified shell of opposites to him, yet she was his pride and joy, lets start the story.
[your pov]
I ran home as fast as I could, my [H/L] [H/C] hair flying past my tear filled [E/C] eyes.
"HEY THERE SHE IS GET HER!!" I hear people yell and I run faster, seeing my house I bolt into the house and lock the door.
"poppet how are you, why were you running?" slowly I turned round to see uncle Oliver standing by the stair case.
"u-u-urm" I look around, dad wasn't here because the car was gone and uncle Francis and Matt were on a camping trip.
"w-well I just got chased home uncle Ollie" he gasps hugging me.
"you know what you should do sweetie! make them cupcakes!" I smile a little.
"ok uncle Ollie" he smiles kissing my head.
"don't tell daddy though ok?" he smiles nodding.
"all right poppet" he picks me up and we watch TV together.

*the next day at school*

I tried to offer cupcakes to the bullies but they smash them to the floor, before I can react I'm knocked down and being punched kicked and almost ran over.
"OI YOU LITTLE SHITS!" oh no, oh no no no no no please don't b-
"OH NO IT'S HIM!" they run, looking up I see dad glaring at me, his red orbs show nothing but anger.
"h-hi daddy" I whimper as he picks me up and throws me in the car.
"d-daddy?" I whimper as he drives home, he slams the door open and walks in, sitting on the coach he holds me over his lap.
"you should have told me, you should have ignored Oliver and YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FIGHT THEM OFF!" he yells pelting my ass over and over again.

*5 minutes later*

finally he stopped but didn't even look at me as he set me in the corner, I heard the front door slam and I just stood there,shaking and crying till I felt a pair of hands grab my small body, twisting and turning I see it's Oliver.
"what a idiot, your only a little poppet" he hugs me, slowly rocking me to sleep.

*when you wake*

"[Name]? [Name]? you awake kid?" I mumble looking up to see daddy standing over me, and a room full of white.
"daddy......?" he smiles nodding,he hugs me.
"POPPET!" I jump seeing Oliver run in with Matt and Francis close behind.
"what happened?" I mumble.
"you were being chased home-"
"beaten pretty bad-"
"then a large truck came down the street-"
"and zplat it 'it you" they all explained.
"so now your in hospital" daddy finishes hugging me again.
"I'm not in trouble right?" I give him big eyes he shakes his head no and slowly lays me down.
"now sleep, we took care of the bullies" and with that daddy kissed me and the others left.

extended ending

"hey babe~" it had been 11 years now and I was 16, my boobs were huge my waist line small and I was told I was gorges, the only problem was-
"TOUCH MY DAUGHTER AND YOUR BALLS ARE MY LUNCH!" dad, heh he really is the best man to have for a dad and I love him just the way he is!
here ya go
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