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Submitted on
November 23, 2013
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Norway + Iceland Hetaloid x Reader part 1

a hetaloid?? sweet! lets get this started! heading towards the box my brothers stop me and pull out a second box....two?! YES!
"[Name] listen we need to go away for 3 weeks so these two will watch you" Charlie kissed my head and they all left after Charlie gave me a note for the hetaloids, sighing I start opening the box....GAWD YES!

"h-hi Norway" I smile, he looks at me blankly.
"the box was cold and small liten jente" I blink.
"did you just call me little-"
"girl yes you are after all from what I can tell 16, much younger then me" he steps out and pats my head I blink as he turns me to the second box
"open it liten jente" I growl glaring at him then sigh opening it...yes!
"Iceland hmm" reaching into my pocket I pull out some licorice.
"hey Iceland got some Licorice for ya" I watch him wake up and see him smile slightly.
"hello Iceland how are you" I smile, Iceland looks at me a small smirk on his face....oh crap he's even older then me by 2 years...shit
"1) Noregur hvað ert þú að gera hér? Ég er ekki að kalla þig stóra bróður!" I watch quietly rubbing my forhead.
"right shh you two, my big brother Charlie said to give this to you to" I sigh handing it to Norway, after a few minutes he looks up a gleam in his eyes.
"do tell me the time liten jente" I look at him bored then look at the clock.
"10 pm duh" he nods grabbing my hand.
"much to late for you to be up" I blink
"h-hey wait what?!" I struggle as he lays me on my bed, in my room were two other beds, the Norwigen strips me down and changes me, I blush as he tucks me in and leaves the room.

*Norways pov*

this will be fun
"2) Noregur .... hvað gerði bréfið segja? segðu mér nú!" I trun to Iceland and smirk.
"3) oh lillebror bare å sette den lille jenta til sengs, er det altfor sent for henne å meg opp" I chuckle as he looks at me.
"4) Ég er ekki litli bróðir þinn!" I sigh, maybe it was time we all went to bed.
"5) gå plukke opp Mr.Puffin og la oss bare gå til sengs det er sent" he growls walking off, I sighed rubbing my head I watch him climb into bed, I climb into mine and fall asleep I liked this place.
1) Norway what are you doing here!? I'm not calling you big brother!
2) Norway .... What did the letter say? tell me now!
3) oh little brother just putting the little girl to bed, it's much too late for her to me up
4) I am not your little brother!
5)go pick up Mr.Puffin and let's just go to bed it's late
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thank you and I am in the process of writing part 2
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