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August 3, 2013
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Nordics x Child reader
request Lillypop90
[3rd person pov]
little [Name] ran from her home, the 4 year old had been abused by her parents since birth, they were evil and largely wealthy so got away with it.
"[NAME]!!!! GET BACK HERE!" her mother yelled, chasing after her, she was mad beyond return, the young girl had sneezed near her and now was running for her life.
"HELP ME PLEASE SOME ONE!" her voice ran into the lonely snow covered field.

*Finland's pov*

I was walking out in the field just behind my house, it was covered in snow and the other Nordics were a little ....ok really angry that Denmark had destroyed the kitchen with America and Prussia.
"HELP ME PLEASE SOME ONE!" I jumped at the sudden shout, turning round the field I saw a little [H/C] haired girl running, if I didn't know better I would say it was the neighbors daughter [Name] or that's what she thought, no one knew but really she was Norway's child.
"MR TINO HELP ME!" she screamed hiding behind me, I could hear the back door of the house open, suddenly her 'mother' came into view, she looked deadly, looking down I saw little [Names] [E/C] eyes filled with terror and tears.
"Tino please hand over my......child" I glared at her, I opened my mouth to speak when Denmark's voice beat me.
"why would we when she's bleeding and half dead!?" looking down I noticed it was true that was it the final straw no more she was staying with us.
"leave mrs.[last name] and we will be taking her with us" that thing that was referred to as a mother turned and left, I picked up [Name] and brought her inside.

*3 weeks later your pov*

I watched as Tino ran up and down the stairs, I had been informed I was the country of [c/n] and that my daddy was Norway, Norway was really funny he would strangle uncle DenDen and then Sweden would hit him.
"[Name] come on time to go to the meeting!" I grin running to my daddy and holding his hand as we exited the house, I hoped I didn't meet a mean country.

*at the meeting*

I stayed by daddy the whole way to the double doors, that's when it got scary, people were yelling and screaming, arguing and talking, it just scared me to death.
"shh it's ok" Norway muttered picking me up he enter the room and every thing went silent.
"urrm....." was all Norway and the other Nordics said.
"OH MY GOD SHE'S ADORABLE!" a sudden voice yelled, looking at it I see a lady with very large boobs running over, making a bouncing sound.
"a-ah urm yes, this is [Name] my daughter" Norway stutters showing me to her.

*9 years later*

I watched as dad beat up uncle Denmark, he'd suggested again that I go out with one of China's kids, or better yet China him self, none of them knew though that I was really dating Romania, heh wait till they find out.
the end or is it?
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