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March 6, 2013
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Nordic 5 x neko reader P1
[Name] - Your name [E/C] - Eye colour [H/L] - Hair length [H/C] - Hair colour
[S/C] - Skin colour ~...~ - thoughts
I have had this in my head for a while now :)
[3rd person pov]
a child sat in the cage they called her 'home',yes she was a experiment born a human,turned to a neko.her name was [full name] she had [H/L] [H/C] hair and [E/C] eyes,she was only 2 when she was brought here but now she was a 6 year old girl,she didn't age like others she had been around for centuries. she heard foot steps coming down the stairs and she instantly cringed,the people who worked there wanted her to show them her cat form again but if she did that it would take days to change back to her half human half neko form.
"hello there kitten!" a man's face appeared in front of the young child who hissed at him.
"aww the kitty doesn't seem happy" a evil smile appeared on both their faces.
"time for her meds" said the man further away from the cage,the cage door was flung open and the child dragged out,she dared not speak because that would only satisfy them so instead she bit down on the arm holding her only receiving a hit across the face "bad kitten!" she was thrown onto a table and secured by bonds,she took the time to take in there faces.

the one who appeared in front of her cage first was a short man with short black hair and magenta eyes his teeth were sharp like razors and his voice like a broken car engine.

the second man was a tall-ish man with blue eyes his hair was short and the colour of a reddish hair his voice sounded like it had been burned to a crisp.

she flinched as a needle was jabbed into her upper arm when it left she felt a little more relaxed.
[your pov]
the door was suddenly burst open and people were shouting,the two men ran out of the room,this was my chance biting into the straps I broke free pulled the hood up on my hoodie to cover my ears and ran out of the room stumbling and breathing hard,I saw the front door to sweet freedom and sprinted and ran into the woods.
running into the woods I used my cat nose to locate a way out of the wooded area,I could smell something alruing,I followed it to a house in the middle of a clearing,running up I knocked on the door only to fall into darkness before it opened.
[4 hours still your pov]
I woke up to warmth,I kept my eyes closed as I listened to two voices talking one sounded bland whilst the other excited,I felt something touch my tale making me spring up,hold it and hiss at a man with gravity deifying hair,said man recoil his hand and looked confused.I retracted into my self pulling my arms and legs together into the fatal position,only to have someone pick me up and cradle me.
"shhhh it's ok,can you look at me?" I uncurled a little to see the man holding me, he had violet eyes and pale blonde hair he had a kind smile and I felt I could trust him.
"hello,my name is Tino what's yours?" I shied away.
"[N-Name]" I said quietly.
"that's a very cute you want to meet the others"
"others?"I gulped,I was turned around to find four men staring at me.

the first one I saw was the one with the gravity defying hair which was a nice golden blonde,he had dazzling blue eyes and a huge grin on his face.

the one next to him had a emotionless face with even more emotionless purplely blue eyes his hair was a little darker blonde than the one holding you and had a curl sticking out of his head.

the person next to him was shorter and seemed to be younger then them all,his hair the same as the one before but had the most gorges blue eyes his face also had less emotion than the other two I saw.

the last one was a tall man with glasses framing blue eyes he had short blonde hair and to the others he seemed scary but to me he seemed nice.

"this one here is-"he pointed to the first one.
"-Mathias,he may seem hyper but he is just really....yeah he is hyper."he then pointed to the second one.
"that's Lukas he may seem emotionless but he is a softy just like-" he pointed to number 3 on the list.
"-  Emil they are both really sweet though" he then pointed to the tall one.
"that's Berwald,he might seem scary but he's not" I waved slowly to them Mathias jumped from his spot.
"why are you half cat!?" he asked really loudly,gulping I went to go back to my fatal position only to be stopped by Tino's arms,they all looked at me expectenly.
"I-I was taken from mummy when I was two,they experimented on me turning me into this,I'v been alive for centuries"I said remembering my pain.
"were did you come from?" Lukas asked staring at me intently.
"L-Lab 329" they all gasped.
"that place was just raided and shut down" Tino said,Mathias came over and snatched me out of Tino's arms.
"no if and's or buts your living with us and if any of you have anything to say about it go suck on Luckas's co-" Mathias was cut off by Lukas who was strangling him with his own tie.
"lets get some food" Tino said taking me from the two who were squishing me.
"I agree with my wife" Berwald said making Tino go a hundred shades of red.
this seems fun :)
stuck in my head for age's
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