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November 22, 2013
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Germany + Prussia Hetaloid x reader part 1

a hetaloid!! yay!! lets see who I got!, standing on a stool I open the box with a crow bar, the first thing I see is slicked back blonde hair that meant....OH MY GAWD!
"Germany!!" I squealed, taking the manual I skim over, I grin and say in my Sargent major voice.
"As your commanding officer, I order you to wake up, Solider!" as soon as I finished the German salutes and shouts making me jump.
"sir yes sir!" he blinks seeing me there, he seemed to inspect me, shaking a little I extend a hand.
"n-names [n-name]" I stutter as he steps forward and takes my hand.
"hallo kind, mien name ist Germany" I nod, realizing he just called me kid, I gain a glare
"who ya calling kid!!" I yelled, he seemed to smirk, Charlie coughs and leads us over to a...SECOND HETALOID?! YES!
"hm? who ist in there?" Germany asked looking confused, I grin and stand on the stool and open the box to find..
"PRUSSIA!" I squeal again, this was going to be fun! grabbing the second guide I read through it. oh gawd no!

"urm...who's awesome??" I blush saying this but as soon as he wakes up he shouts
"I AM AWESOME!" he grins laughing his strange laugh, the yell had shocked me and I landed in Germany's arms.
"verdammit...why mien bruder" Germany says under his breath, I go to leave his arms but he holds me to his chest tightly.
"" Prussia said in voice that sounded like he was telling off a little child, looking up Germany got a look of annoyance
"Germany don't make me say your human eye!" he says pointing his finger, I hold back a laugh as Germany just pulls me closer
"Ludwig Beleshimt! I'm counting to-" Prussia was interrupted by Charlie
"enough! [Name] me and the rest of us are going to india for a month is that understood?" I nod, everyone runs out the house just after Charlie gives Prussia a list.

"....can I go now?" I ask, Germany gets a spark in his eye and hugs me closer.
"nien, you look skinny und weak! not to mention when was the last time you took a bath!?" he starts lecturing me, I blush slightly and answer his question.
"3 days ago..." I mummer, he and Gilbert get a look.
"you clearly can't clean your self properly!" Gilbert announces.
"bruder I think we need to clean her" Ludwig says happily, I struggle more.
"no! no! no!" I yell and struggle more.
"Ruhe jetzt Kind Zeit, um ein Bad zu nehmen!" Germany said, I struggle as Gilbert shows me the list there in big bold letters 'treat her like a young child, she can be very silly and needs to be treated like a child' I growl.
"noooo" I whine, moving about.
"[Name]! mehr bewegen, bevor ich Sie verprügeln!!" I gulp, he just told be he'd spank me!

guess I'm having a bath.
1) stop moving before I spank you!
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Loved the ending XD
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BATH TIME WITH ZE BROTHERZ!!!!! YAY!!! I want to join! XP
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Oh bath time! Ohohohoho *is part French*
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*I grin*
yes but who said they won't lecture you~
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