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July 20, 2013
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2p F.A.C.E Family x Child Reader
part 10
[Name]-Obviously you name  [H/C]-Hair Colour [H/L]-Hair Length  [E/C]-Eye Colour   ~...~-thoughts
after eating pancakes I was dragged into the back garden with Kumojiro.
"Kumo down" he says smirking,Kumojiro does as told,suddenly Matt picks me up and he sits on Kumojiro,setting me down in front of him,he makes Kumojiro stand and Kumojiro runs into the woods,I gulp holding tightly on to Matt.
"HAHA COME ON [NAME] LOOK AT THIS!" he yells over the wind, looking around I see the trees the animals it was amazing.
"WOW!" I yell, Kumo starts to slow down by a lake and I smile.
"it's so pretty" Matt chuckles picking me up.
"stay here for like half hour, we got company back home" he goes to leave but I cling to his leg.
"b-but you promised you wouldn't leave me alone!" I yell despret to keep him with me.
"......" who was so bad that he had to hide me?

*back home Oliver's pov*

mumsy had come to visit, she was looking for Matt and [Name] but I had no Idea were they were!
"mumsy, I don't know were they have gone" she looks at me and sighs.
"looks like I'll have to find them" she walks out the door, I hope she doesn't get to violent, [Name] is still in early stages.

*with you and Matt, your pov*

I sat on Matt's lap as Kumo swam in the water, I felt at piece til a knife whizzes past our heads, Matt tensed and held me tightly.
"Matt were you hiding my granddaughter away from me?~" I hear a soft voice, I gulp and cling to Matt's arm as a women with pale skin, covered in freckles and bright red hair.
"....hello g-grandma" Matt whimpers a little as she moves towards us, I gulp.
"you know your fear is going to make her scared of me" she grabs me and picks me up quickly.
"hmmmm why'd they adopt you?" she glares at me, I was a little pissed so glared back.
"'cause I hurt Oliver" she blinks looking at Matt who nods, he coughs a little.
"and urm whilst we slept the day we got her she killed her dad and made him eat his pecker" I noticed him not swearing.
"hey lady can you put me down now?" I ask, her glare intensified and I could hear Matt gasp.
"that is NOT a way to talk to your grandmother!" she yells, I don't even flinch.
"my real grandmother tried killing me for breathing, I didn't even think you were old enough to be a grandma" I say blankly, I mean come on she looked to be in her 20's!!
"..." every thing was silent till she started carrying me off out the woods.
"h-hey put me down! I can walk!!" she looks at me.
"I don't care, I'm talking to Oliver about your back story" I gulp, struggling as she continues to walk, I was gonna vomit if I was carried any further.
"g-grandma? she gets sick when carried" Matt shouted catching up, this lady just plops me into Matt's arms and continues to walk,Matt puts me on the floor and takes my hand and we catch up with her.

*I'm lazy so it's your bed time~*

I enjoyed talking with my new Grandma, we talked about ways of killing things and she asked things about how I killed my 'dad', suddenly Oliver grabs me by my armpits.
"eep" I say as he throws me up and catches me.
"sorry mumsy it's past her beddy bies time" I blush at how he said that.
"ah ok, night [Name]~" Matt and Al just stare at me in dis-belief.
"h-h-h" they say together.
"you two should be like her she's nice enough" she grins as Oliver takes me away.
"d-do I hafta go bed?" I ask, he nods plopping me on my bed he grabs the pull-ups and my pj's.
"here we go~" he changes me and then tucks me in and pulls a cover over the bed, I slowly fall asleep.

*with the others, Matt's pov*

Oliver returned, he smiled.
"she's asleep, now we need to make plans for our killing spree~" we all nodded there was no way were taking [Name] on this one.
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Dragon5032 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
I WANNA GO ON A KILLIN SPREEEE!! *puts on little ninja costume* If i can kick someone 4 ft away being 5 years old.. im sure I can be a ninja..... *trips down stairs* O.O
Everyone: ....
Oliver: SWEAR JAR!
Me: NOPE! *runs back to room and locks door* o.o''
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