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1 week away no replies and such XD I'll see you stalkers in a week
Ok so I've been trying out Watt Pad. AND I LOVE IT!!

I am still uploading on here (clearly.) I've been uploading Raven's Decent into his life on to Watt pad. I think I'm going to stop posting it on DA so if you wanna read it more go to here :…
Yea my names Nuggets. ....I want to change my DA name to that but I aint paying money right now to change it.

So if you haven't got a clue on what the story I'm writing is called just look at the two parts that are on here. here is part 1 ---> Raven's Decent into his life. Chp1The room was filled with silence as a teenage boy sat quietly; staring at the two men in front of him. Not a single word had been spoken since he'd entered the room. Why? these people were here to adopt him, he didn't know why they wanted to. He was an antisocial teenager, his muscle mass was non-existent and his jaw line had barely started to come in. What 16 year old looks like a long scraggly string bean? better question, what person adopts a 16 year old.An elderly woman enters from a side door, "You must be Mr. Bosko. You said you were bringing your partner but I don't believe we were introduced." She smiles gently and holds out her hand. "I'm so glad you are interested in taking in our dear Raven. He needs a stable, loving home." The boy rolls his eyes at the woman's words; the man now known as Bosko stood and shook her hand.
"yes; this is my partner Barry. we've been looking for a child for a long time. Raven's portfolio seems very insightful. I'm surprised a boy his age is still

so yeah guys I'm writing this story with the Fab Nevermoremist it is a paranormal wherewolf story
Shaking his head as he comes to Raven sits up and looks around. Seeing himself in the orphanage's "infirmary", which is really just a small room with a few beds and a desk crammed into it, he tries to get up from the bed. He stumbles into the wall as a wave of dizziness hits him. A chuckle from across the room caused him to turn; his head still fuzzy from his momentary lapse of consciousness, his eyes land on the older women from earlier today. Her smile was gone and was replaced with a cold smirk.

"Raven. I do hope you'll enjoy your new home; just wish you wouldn't faint so much young man. its not good for growing boys" she hissed standing up and making her way towards him; fear crawled up his spine as he watched her once bony and wrinkled face mould into a face of beauty and youth. "tsk. who thought being in this dump would finally reveal the were wolf detected in this area." she spoke to her self smirking as Raven backed up more "aww poor little pup. Dont worry; death will come quickly." the once elderly women was in front of him within moments; her hand gripping his neck tightly. "prepare yourself child" she hissed. With a flick of her wrist a knife appears in her free hand. She traces the knife over his bare shoulder making shallow cuts as she gently carves a rune into his flesh. "There," she hums, "this will hold you. Now should we do this fast and painful or slow and excruciating......" Running the flat of the blade over his chest she trails her eyes over Raven with a twisted sort of longing and Raven wonders what the heck happened to batty old Mrs. Fields. This couldn't be her; she literally refused to hurt flies, spiders, mice, or any of the pests running around this place. Snapping her head up she grimaces, "Oh yes those other beasts are here aren't they? Fast it is then. Pity you would've looked absolutely divine twisting on my floor or wall. Well no time like present." Wiping a finger through the blood seeping down his shoulder she gives a cheeky smile and says, "Don't move." With that she let's him go but he stays pinned to the wall barely able to breath as if her hand still held him fast. Raven's body shook with fear as he watched her leave the room "don't worry~ I think I'll take care of the mutts first then come for you~" she cackled and left the room; leaving a petrified and very shocked Raven stuck to a wall.

"!" he sputtered out; he could feel the ghost hand of the Stanger still holding tightly onto his neck; he strained to call louder but could barely do so. "a-any one?" he calls again; his heart hammering against his chest as he watched the door hoping someone, anyone would save him before the beast of a women came back for him. That was until Mr.Bosko him self walked in; smirk on his face accompanied with amused eyes.

"oh; so she was a blood mage?" he mutters tracing the rune on the boys shoulder "shame. I really liked her; oh well" he shrugged and grabbed Raven by the waist and held him "now....I wonder if I should help such a rude little boy~" he chuckles and looks at Ravens eyes; a look of defiance running through his eyes. "I'm waiting~ pet." he mused.

"I'," Raven grates out in a hoarse whisper, "'" Bosko chuckles and tosses Raven over his shoulder. Bosko continued to walk in silence; heading towards the exit of the orphanage, Raven started to panic and kick.

"wait! there's kids in there!" he gasped out; still struggling to get air into his lungs as he was set down inside a large truck, Bosko looked him in the eyes and sighed a little.

"they weren't real. They were blood dolls" he muttered clipping him in; Raven's face only held confusion "I'll explain later. Don't worry Barry's back...home" he smirked a little and climbed into the front of the truck. Raven's breathing eased as the spell began to dissipate further. Bosko hums as he glances at Raven's shoulder while putting the key in the ignition, "We better take care of that so it doesn't scar. If it does you would be left susceptible to magic of the same kind." Raven's eyes rolled and he sighs heavily.

"the heck are you talking about magic? This isn't some kind of fantasy book with paranormal events. This is real life Dammit!" he groaned loudly; feeling ill. "I...feel ill" he mutters a bit. Bosko started up the car and began driving,

"Open the window then. Really you would then that would be obvious. Get some air and if you have to expel do it out the window. If you're sick in my truck I'm making you clean it." He continues watching the road as he casually drives along as Raven lowers his window. "You know if there was any real children that weren't adopted quickly then they were probably turned into blood dolls. You apparently were granted a great deal of interest for her not to have turned you into one yet. Or was she only recently assigned there? If that's the case then she simply hadn't gotten to you yet. If the real kids are lucky then they were merely put into stasis and hidden until someone wanted to meet them." Raven looked at him in silence for a moment before sighing.

"I didn't catch a word of that. but she's been there since before I was born. I don't know. I usually stay up in my room or in the library so you got me on why she went nuts" he groaned and rested his head on the chair quietly.

"Puke out the open window," Bosko states flatly, "if you puke in my truck you are cleaning it." Raven turned his gaze onto his driver and huffed.

"maybe I should puke on you and shut you up" he grumbles and coughs into his hand; the world was spinning and specs were appearing in his sight. "...oh great" he mutters before his world faded to black; Bosko noticed and tsks reaching a hand out he felt the boys head.

"great he's sick too." he mutters "wasn't the fucking wonder that place was shit." he pulled out his walkie talkie and spoke into it clearly. "Barry. I'm bringing the kid back. get the medic." he spoke swiftly before turning it off and driving faster.

It took a total of 3 hours to get from the orphanage to the new 'home' which was a small cabin in the woods, other cabins were there but all had at least a mile (1 kilometer) between them each. Bosko got out the car and nodded to Barry. "I have returned with the small pup. I demand a feast in my honour~" he smirked and posed as Barry rolled his eyes.

"sure sure. is he ok? why'd you need a medic-oh damn he doesn't look good. No feast for you; bad alpha. where's my fucking paper I got to bat you over the head!" Barry 'scolded' Bosko.

Bosko swats at his beta's, "This happened before we came and that blood rune didn't help matters." He begins walking to his office, Barry following a step behind him.

"Wait blood rune !? There was a blood mage there? Who was it? How did they get him?" Barry exclaims eyes wide. Bosko smirks,

"That old lady you were chatting up was the blood mage, one of the malevolent ones."

"Seriously?" Barry's shocked face was almost comical, "But she was so nice....she offered me cookies." He begins pouting. Bosko smacks the back of his head,

"I hope you refused. Who knows what she could've done to them or added." Barry turned a little green,

"I said sure but I didn't eat them since we were talking. So what happened with the kid after I left?"

"He was being a stubborn little ass so I decided to pull rank to see how he responded and he passed out rather quickly. I thought it was because he hasn't been around his own kind since his parents died but him being priory sick explains it. Then the old lady, Mrs. Fields I believe her name was, came in and took him to the infirmary. After I finished the paperwork I went to check on him. When I got there I found him pinned to the wall with a rune carved into his shoulder. He fainted before I could get far into the questioning." Barry frowns and looks at his alpha.

"did know, end her?" he asks tilting his head whilst helping set the boy down on a bed in Bosko's spare room; which had been made to accommodate the teenager, Bosko huffs angrily and growls.

"no. I got there and the moment I saw him I knew I had to get him out....right look lets get him tucked in and get Bella to look over him....heh I'm gonna bug the crap out of him when he wakes up. payback for almost vomiting in my car; little shit!" Barry nods and walks swiftly out while Bosko starts on some paperwork. He leaves the door open so that there was easy access to the boy.
Raven's Decent into his life. Chp2
Written with the fabulous Nevermoremist 

Before -…
Next -

XD I really enjoy this chapter; we get to see a sassy Bosko :3 sassy bosko is life.
The room was filled with silence as a teenage boy sat quietly; staring at the two men in front of him. Not a single word had been spoken since he'd entered the room. Why? these people were here to adopt him, he didn't know why they wanted to. He was an antisocial teenager, his muscle mass was non-existent and his jaw line had barely started to come in. What 16 year old looks like a long scraggly string bean? better question, what person adopts a 16 year old.An elderly woman enters from a side door, "You must be Mr. Bosko. You said you were bringing your partner but I don't believe we were introduced." She smiles gently and holds out her hand. "I'm so glad you are interested in taking in our dear Raven. He needs a stable, loving home." The boy rolls his eyes at the woman's words; the man now known as Bosko stood and shook her hand.
"yes; this is my partner Barry. we've been looking for a child for a long time. Raven's portfolio seems very insightful. I'm surprised a boy his age is still here actually" Bosko said smiling at the elderly women; his partner seemed to busy studying the boy in front of him whilst Raven sat still. His foot tapping the floor as he waited for them to decide on a 'younger' model of adoptee.
"can we hurry up. I was busy you know" he grumbled; blowing his scruffy black hair out of his unusual bright violet eyes.Barry reaches out and ruffles the youth's hair,
"Easy there boy. Event happens with time, just be patient. 'Things come to those who wait' and all that." He chuckles at his own joke until Bosko nudges his arm.
"You must also know when to act," Bosco states sternly. "Balance is essential in everything. One must know when to act and when to be quiet and wait." Raven rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.
"when did I sign up for a physiological lesson? god. Can I go? I have 12 assignments to do by tomorrow." he grumbled standing up to leave; Bosko looked over and seemed to hold him self back from telling the boy off.
"why not sit down and just relax. We really want to get to know you Raven. why not give us that opportunity huh?" he asks; watching the teens glare land on him he felt a smirk tug at his mouth. "oh come now Raven. Your a young adult; dont be so childish~" Barry smirks, "Besides I think you mean 'philosophical' not 'physiological'. This is a way of thinking not the biological reason behind it. Why don't you tell us what you're studying kid. That way you can still be doing school work." Barry gives a, supposedly, charming smile and looks at the older woman, "I think you could give this poor guy a break since he's meeting potential parents don't you?" the older women nodded and smiled; leaving the room quietly. Raven's glare hardened and he sat in his chair going into complete and utter silence; Bosko frowned.
"Raven. we asked you what your studying; why not answer the question kid?" he asks looking into Ravens eyes; causing him to look away.
"what? come on; we wont bite~" Barry smirks again, "Well....we won't bite you anyways." Raven makes a disgusted face at the thought that popped up with that particular sentence. Bosko rolled his eyes and sighed a bit.
"ok; look kid. We really want a kid. Some one whos not going to need to go through potty training and all that; we might do that later on in life but you really; and I mean really; seem to be interesting. not to mention your the only teenager here without a criminal record" Bosko spoke with a tone that seemed contridicting to the facial expression he was giving; a 'I'm pissed off being here so hurry up and talk' look. Raven sighed and stood up.
"I shouldnt intrest you so just adopt someone else ok. I dont see a need or point in being anywere near a 'family' espically one that has no back round history" he gave the snide remark with a side glance, causing Bosko and Barry to freeze up.
"how did you-?" Raven interrupted him.
"I look up people who want to 'adopt' me." he hissed. Bosko leans back and gives him a once over
"Looks like someone is into hacking. A kid your age usually isn't allowed such information. Must be pretty good considering the lack of criminal record." Raven rolls his eyes and turns his glare to Bosko.
"so who are you and what do you really want?" Bosko waves his hand towards the door and Barry walks out. Staring down at Raven; Bosko states in slightly annoyed voice,
"We really do want to adopt you. Believe it or not we knew your parents. Before we could come and get you, you were put into the system and we have been tracking you even since. Now are you going to cooperate or are you going to be difficult." Holding Raven's gaze Bosko waits for a reply. Raven smirks a bit and glares back
"what do you think." he seemed to get a dark look in his eye; Bosko's stare turned into a glare as the air in the room seemed to thicken and become almost unbreathable to Raven. The teen tried not to show it was affecting him; that was until the room started to turn black. Shock struck him as he realized he was fainting; his body slid to the side almost hitting the floor if he hadn't been caught by Bosko himself; who just sighed and shook his head "I said to you; easy way or hard way. You chose wrong" he mutters as Raven's world faded to black.
Raven's Decent into his life. Chp1
Written with the awesome and great Nevermoremist :D this person; oh my god. she is one of the best co-writers I've met.

Next -…

All characters; story and plot belong to me and Nevermoremist XD I hope you enjoy~
Keeping his distance Romania flew along behind the Germans car. When it finally stopped near a a bar he landed on a nearby tree and pretended to clean his feathers. As he watched the three occupants got out and made their way inside.
"Thanks for the ride guys," [name] said smiling at them, "it would've been a pain to walk all this way in heels. Now I just have to wait for Lizzy and the other girls." Germany Frowned as he got out the car.
"you know its late; and those girls said they weren't sure if they would come because of it" he says sighing heavily, Gilbert peeks out sighing.
"hey! the car wont start!" he shouts annoyed, he stops spotting [Name] giving him a look.
".....what?" (Name) rolls her eyes,
"You call Triple A or whatever it is here and then come join me for a drink. In not waiting past an hour for them. Heck they'd be lucky if I wait half an hour." Gilbert rolled his eyes and nods
"I'll call, just make sure little Luddy gets a nice warm drink; don't want my baby bruder getting a cold~" he laughed as his brother flushed angrily. "go on Luddy, take the nice ladies hand and go in side; big bruder will be in soon!" he grins watching Ludwig flush darker and darker by the minute (Name) rolls her eyes and grabs Ludwig's arm, tugging him inside as he scowls. Vlad stops preening his feathers and hungers down to wait. it wasn't long until Gilbert came inside; though he felt ill and tired he wouldn't admit it.
"Gilbert. you don't look good do you need to sleep?" Ludwig asks looking at his brother; a loud crack of thunder making the older of the two to shriek and jump
"shit!" he says; Ludwig chuckles a bit and stretches though he was tired and feeling ill as well, Gilbert looks at [Name] "can we use your guest room for the night?" he asks tiredly. "the rescue van wont be here till tomorrow afternoon" She waves her hand,
"Yeah sure, just let me call for a ride. There's no way the other girls will come in this." Germany raises his eyebrow and sighs
"why call transport. we'll call a taxi tomorrow." he mumbles and groans; feeling more woozy as he leant against the wall and gagged.
"We're at a bar Luddy, not your house. This is where the girl and I were going to get a drink," (name) explained, a little slower than usual since his attention was obviously split. "Just let me call Vlad to pick us up. I told him I was going out with the other female nations after the meeting." (Name) takes out her phone and pulls up Vladimir's contact. Touching the little green phone to being the call and putting it to get ear. Vlad groaned and answered the phone; making sure he was in human form and out of site.
"yes little bunny?" he called her by his nick name.(Name) sighs,
"Really, again with the bunny? Have you been watching RED? Well that would be Ivan since it's Russian and more than a little weird since sunflowers are his thing. Anyways off topic. Can you give us a ride?  The German's car- Gottverdammt! I'm Prussian not German!-And yet you're cussing in German- Sorry bout that, Gil being stupidly technical. Back to what I was saying they gave me a ride to where the girls and I were going to have a drink, but they aren't showing and the rental broke down. Luddy doesn't look to good; kinda green around the gills if you get my meaning. He thought we were at their place instead of a bar so I thought it would be best to call a ride that isn't from a stranger. So do you mind?" Romania thinks quietly and sighs a bit.
"sorry bun bun, but my car is with Norway. I can call a taxi for you if you want winter buns" he chuckles smirking as he waited for a reply.(Name) groans at Vlad's use of ridiculous nicknames,
"Alright, I'll try Arthur then. I'd rather not use regular mean when these might blab something. Plus if Luddy yacks in Arthur's car it would cost less than dealing with a taxi. I'll talk to you later." Romania groans and talks to her quickly.
"Wait! you cant. Arti's having some 'fun' time with Franny. I'll send a servant of mine to take you home ok? also; just between me and you. Luddy sometimes has accidents when he's ill so just watch him ok? my servant will be round in 10 to 20 minutes byeee" he hung up quickly; sighing heavily "god. such hard work" (Name) snickers,
"Alfred probably pissed off Arthur again and a got in the way of a backfiring spell or hex. Course interrupting 'fun time' and making jokes could be what pissed Iggy off."
"Vhat vas that Frau?" Gilbert asks as he rubs his head, his expression a bit drawn.
"Just calling for a ride. You alright? You look almost as bad as Luddy." (Name) looks over at Ludwig before suddenly running towards him, "SHIT! " Catching him and leaning him against the wall with an arm around his waist (name) pulls her drink bottle from her (purse/bag). Talking a swig she grits out, "That ride better get here soon."

It took around 20 minutes for the car to arrive; a young women was driving and helped get the asleep German into the car; Gil we holding him close, though he him self felt ready to drop "we need to get home soon....ja" he mumbles
"We can go to my place. Not as many stairs to drag your butts up," (name) states sliding into the front. After giving the other woman her address (name) covers a yawn before pressing a thumb between her eyebrows just above the bridge of her nose. Gil sweat drops and groans a bit.
"sorry...." he mumbles leaning on Ludwig tiredly. After around ten minutes they arrive. Turning around (name) looks at the two brothers in the back. "Gil you better be awake because there is absolutely no way I can lug either of you, much less both of you in by myself." Gil grumbles and gets up.
"I'm awake. Just sleepy" he mumbles rubbing his eyes "lets drag him inside. little kind needs to sleep" he grumbles. After hefting Ludwig out of the car and sending the driver off they each put an arm around their shoulders and begin dragging the bulky German inside.
"Does he seem to be getting a little lighter," (name) puffs after they manage to fight the door open. Gilbert shrugs and drops his brother into a chair before flopping onto the couch.
"Imma goin to take a nap now," he mumbles almost incoherently before completely zonking out, faint snores already being emitted. [Name] sighed heavily and face palmed before grabbing 2 blankets and some pillows for the two; she sighed as she covered them and made sure to place a flannel on their heads.
"sleep well sweet potato~" she smirks as she hears a loud groan. "poor baby" she mumbles rubbing her own eyes "hm...I guess I am a bit tired as well...his speech was rather....boring" she yawned loudly and stretched. Shuffling into the kitchen (name) pours herself a glass of water and retires to her room.


Romania watched quietly from his tree top; a smirk on his face "by tomorrow all of them shall be babys" he says with a evil grin. "until then. I'll enjoy the show of little [Name] being flustered by two baby Germans....and record it~" he grins and laughs to him self.


×Next Morning×

(Name) yawns as she gets out of bed the next morning. For some reason the floor seemed farther away than it had been yesterday causing her to fall with a big thwump. Sniffling she looks at the rug burns on her palms and makes her way to the kitchen. As she passes the living room she hears whimpering. Detouring into the she finds a white haired child, probably around two, poking at a baby sleeping in a pile of clothes on a chair. "urm....kid? who are you...why are you in my....MY VOICE!" she shrieked realising it had gone up a few octaves. "WHY DO I SOUND SO CHILDISH!?" The kid turns around and looks at her with ruby eyes. He tottles over before tripping. (Name) catches him and he cuddles against her flat chest.
"Fau," he mumbles rubbing his cheek against her. the small child teared up and sniffled "[Name]! its meh....its Gilburt....Luds a bahby...." he sobbed out "an' I wanna...I gotsta..." the toddler bounced in the spot. Taking toddler Gil's hand (Name)quickly brings him to the bathroom. Moving a stool in front of the toilet. Before turning around and moving to the wall outside of the door. After all that was done [Name] started to panic.
"I got to call someone!" she groans looking at the two toddlers and her self in a large mirror; she must of been around 4 or so. "but...who"
Regressed!Reader x MagicTrio x GermanBrothers CHP2
written with Nevermoremist XD really good co-writer by the way!!!

Before -…
Next - COMING!

we own nothing but the plot. reader belongs to you~
1 week away no replies and such XD I'll see you stalkers in a week


United Kingdom
im a girl who enjoys fun and love to play with my friends all my drawings i do i draw on paper ten put on the computor.

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